Pros & Cons of a Fourth of July Wedding

Hi and Happy Belated Fourth of July! 

We hope your holiday was filled with cocktails, food and a lot of Americana!

With many of us at the TWL having one (or more) weddings this weekend I thought it would be appropriate to discuss a pro's & con's list of having a fourth of July wedding. 

Whether it is a wedding on the fourth or the weekend these principles apply: 


  • Since the fourth is an American holiday, most businesses are closed in observance allowing for several opportunities to have a wedding. 
  • Nothing says summer like the fourth of July and it makes for the perfect time for a summer wedding.  
  • Public firework displays begin usually around July 3rd and extend into the weekend. Therefore if you play your cards right, you could have a fireworks display without all of the necessary permitting and cost. 
  • There is something funny and awesome about celebrating independence day by getting married.
  • Um, sparklers, and lots of them please and thank you. 



  • The fourth of July is chock full of tradition, therefore you may be having your wedding on an annual party or travel plans making some people who ordinarily would want to attend your wedding unable to.
  • Traveling is rather expensive, flights, airfare and hotels tend to be a bit higher than usual.
  • With all that expensive travel comes traffic, so if you have a break between the ceremony and the reception plan for extra time.  
  • Careful for nautical themed weddings if you are dead set against red, white and blue. Navy and White could get very patriotic! 


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There are conflicting reports on whether a wedding on the fourth of July costs more or less so I suppose it all depends on the wedding you have and the location. Regardless, the fourth of July is just another great time to have a wedding so eat, drink and be merry!

Enjoy the weekend!