Behind the Scenes at TWL: The Making of a Striped Wall

Today I'm sharing a fun DIY project from The Wedding Loft of CT. You know those posts on Pinterest making home decor DIY projects look so easy? Yeah, this isn't one of them...

Amy had an amazing vision for a silver striped wall, so we all got together excited to paint the space and get it up and running. The wall was an absolute labor of love. We discovered that it is possible to draw a crooked line with a level, that skipping lunch is never a good idea, and most importantly that 4 creatives are a million times better than 1. It was a true symbol of why wedding collectives are fabulous and why The Wedding Loft is an incredibly well-balanced group of creatives.

When early on we realized this was going to be much more difficult than we thought, Donna had the foresight to take on painting the mint walls and using her energy in a smart + efficient way. When it became quite clear I had no business holding Amy's pencil for her let alone painting the wall, I was sent to my computer where I designed our logo and look + feel. When some of us wanted to just splatter silver paint across the wall in a fit of frustration (and hoping it would result in some Jackson Pollock-like work of art), Amy reminded us to take a breath and not give up on it. And when some of us had to go home but tried to find a way to stay, Brooke took the anchor in our relay race by insisting they leave and she and I finished it up that night. We all showed our weaknesses and strengths that day, and the space is better for it.

Scroll down for some visuals of our building of the wall, and the building of our collective. We hope you'll contact us for an appointment so you can see the entire space in all its glory!

XO - Sandy