how to get fabulous engagement photos

The single thing I hear every time I meet a new client is: I want really beautiful engagement and wedding photos but I hate having my photo taken and I'm nervous they won't come out good because of that.

Welcome to the club. I've only ever met ONE person (holla at my groom, Vince Tozzo!) who enjoyed having their photo taken. It's nerve-wracking and I worry that my brides feel they won't live up to the photos they want after being immersed in pinterest and other wedding blogs.  These are a handful of basic tips that I hope are helpful and leave you with a fabulous experience having your engagement photos taken! 

Tip #1: Be on time. It sounds silly (and almost offensive!) but the timing of an engagement session for my clients is super important. I shoot at the end of the day and always timed around sunset. It's super important that we make the most of the light and get all the photos in before it gets dark.

Ashley + Brooks were able to enjoy a day with FABULOUS light and backdrops ... and because they were on time, we had MORE than enough shooting time and were ready when the sun started dropping.

how to get fabulous engagement photos

Kara + Jeff took advantage of ridiculous sunset light on the beach.

fabulous beaches for engagement photos

Tip #2: Shoot your photos in a place or season that you CARE ABOUT. This sounds obvious but you'd be surprised! You might have a place that is meaningful to you, a town that holds special memories or a season that is extra special to you both. It's ok if you don't (and I can help you brainstorm places) but don't disregard places that hold special meaning to you both. 

For Michelle + Pat - they LOVE Stowe, Vermont. They vacation there with Pat's family and it's where they got engaged. I'm sure some people thought they were CRAZY for shooting in, ahem, -17 degree weather but for them, they wouldn't have had dreamed of a more perfect setting and season.

stowe vermont mountains
snowball fight in the snow

For Ashley + Brooks it was Essex, CT. Their love of nautical, beaches, coast and all things preppy made this adorable town the perfect setting.

preppy, connecticut coastline towns and homes

(One of my all-time favorite photos ... I love snuggling.) And I love pretty, white wood fences, too.

couple sitting and cuddling together

To see the my last four tips {which include a photo of someone taking a HUGE digger in the snow (and it's quite possibly my favorite photo series EVER)} head on over to my blog for the entire post!  

XO - Brooke Allison